MBH Consulting provides a wide of array of services to facilitate your business needs in China. At a glance, MBH Consulting can assist your business with product sourcing and quality control services, China-Australia tourism, trade delegation tours and China business operational support.

Below is a breakdown of each service area we are experienced in and able to offer to you;

Business Tourism

  • Escorted and fully catered and planned trips to any region in China.
  • MBH will plan your trip from every perspectivive. Detailed itineraries, flights and domestic travel requirements all pre arranged. Hotels and even all meals planned for well in advance. Networking opportunities arranged and even downtime for personal sightseeing and relaxation or activities to suit your requirements.

Project Management

  • Michael and his consultants hold Prince2 Project Management qualifications.
  • In simple terms, this means you are in safe hands. You projects for product sourcing or selling into the China market will be professionally planned and detailed in true project management methodology.
  • You can expect detailed project proposals, stages and milestones and deliverables to ensure the strongest possible success for your goals in China.

Factory Relationship Management

  • Michael has a great rapport with Chinese people and has a string of successful deals with various factories and other businesses in China.
  • Michael’s ex-wife is Chinese and has learnt alot about Chiense culture and the do’s and dont’s in business and in social and personal contexts.
  • You can leverage Michael to avoid the common mistakes many find when first doing business¬†in China.

Supplier and Buyer Matching

  • Using a variety of databases, such as Alibaba and others like regional Chamber of Commerce in China, MBH can use experience, data and networks to shortlist the most likely buyers and sellers for your industry and goals.

Product Sourcing

  • In much the same vein as Supplier and Buyer matching, product sourcing goes a step or two further for those looking to buy from China and sell in the western market.
  • MBH has experience in a number of industries; Electronics, Ceramics, ¬†Stationary and Washroom products.
  • The experience from MBH will help you to determine the best markets to buy from to suit your buying power and mitigate risk.

Quality Control

  • Once you are into the stages of buying or selling, you will likely need to ensure you are employing proper Quality Control strategies.
  • MBH can provide qualified and experienced QC staff in the field and manage those staff to ensure you get the quality you expect out of your buying or selling goals.

Travel and Event Planning

  • Part of our Business Tourism suite of services. MBH can plan every aspect of your travel and event requirements in China.
  • MBH will provide detailed intinearies, bookings for flights, hotels and domesic travel.
  • Local knowledge guidelines and recommendations for any region in China, with predominate experience in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces.

Escorted Travel

  • Again this service is bundled into our business tourism services. If you need a guide for a day or for the entire length of your trip, MBH can provide reputable people, namely Michael who knows various regions in China, speaks the local language and can relate to you are a fellow Aussie.

Networking, Introductions and Events

  • MBH is a board member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce for Guangdong Province. Through these connections and built rapport, Michael can introduce you to any number of vetted contacts and advise on upcoming events and networking opportunities.
  • Speaking opportunities at existing events or even creating your own hosted events in China are possible.